28 days of NO EXCUSES – 28 days of YES I CAN

So what’s your story?

You cannot because…? You haven’t because…? You will soon begin to…? But first you need to…?

Well, I know. I get it. I have been there. And I get trapped in my own bs excuses too over and over again.

But we know better, right?!

We know that it takes consistent action, commitment, discipline to reach our goals, to make our dreams come true.

We also know that it’s not the first step that is the hardest (although it often seems to be). It’s the 499th. It’s the one where we don’t see results yet, although we have put soooo much effort into it. It’s the one where it’s too late to stop and we cannot yet see how close we are to our goal.

It’s the one when doubt creeps in and self-loathing rises up. 
It’s the one when we start fiddling with our website, our messaging, our offers.
It’s the one when “oh, just one more wouldn’t hurt” excuses come in. Where chocolate, video clips, days off are marked as rewards even though they keep us from the real reward just around the corner.

And we hate that feeling.

And we want to avoid it.

That’s what keeps us from starting something new.

From taking the action we know would move us ahead –

but then again, we aren’t sure that we can get through the doubt, the anxiety, the weariness this time.

Because we’ve been through this and too often we didn’t get to where we wanted to be. Too often something happened and we fell off the wagon.

Too often we didn’t start again, too afraid we will fail again.

Too often we felt that we’re not strong enough, don’t have what it really takes, don’t have the support needed when it get’s tough.

And yet. We know we can do it.

Do I have the magic pill?

No. (But if I had, would you want it?)


Like you, I’ve experienced just the opposite of failure over and over again.

I know – 

That I have what it takes.

That I can pull it through.

That it becomes easier and easier and more and more fun when I focus on the outcome and surrender the how and what.

That commitment, consistency and discipline are not rare gifts given to a chosen few, but a conscious decision

That I have a choice. Every day, every minute.

28 days of no excuses. 28 days of yes I can.

It’s time:

Time to make a conscious decision again and to choose my future.

 Time to take the first step again and commit to 700 more. 

 Time to uplevel my reality.


What about yours?

Do you want to change your reality – your present & your future?

Same actions don’t lead to different results.

What do you want to change in your daily actions, your life and business routine to get the results you want?

Are you in for the ride?


28 days of NO EXCUSES- 28 days of YES I CAN

When? Starting March 25th to April 21st

You can jump in anytime even if you feel you kind of late.

It’s free! It’s for you.



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What for?

Creating supporting habits, letting go of old patterns, leaving your comfort zone, entering your stretch zone, for your growth, your successes, for taking ACTION:

  • for your goal, for your next step that you desperately want to take but always find excuses not to take
  • for your success you’re longing for. In your business, health, in your relationships.
  • for what is most IMPORTANT to YOU, so that you finally decide to say f*** excuses, I WANT it. I say YES to myself and to consciously creating my reality.


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 28 days of no excuses. 28 days of yes I can.
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