Coaching Offers

Hero's Journey Coaching

In this holistic coaching, I support you in working through a major wanted or unwanted private or professional change and in turning it into a deeply rich and empowering experience for you.
While consciously creating your path from the inside out, you will experience joy, the power of implementation, inner peace, self-determination, and growth at the same time.

You’ll rediscover your inner treasures and resources and realign with your inner wisdom again to regain momentum in actively creating your dream life with ease, joy, and freedom and feel at home again no matter where you are on your path. 

Investment: 3699€

Spot-on Emotion Coaching

In this “short & powerful” coaching for specific challenges, stressful situations, unhealthy relationships, and hurtful experiences, I help you to dissolve straining emotional blocks, limiting thought and action patterns, and inner obstacles.

With the understanding of yourself and the change in your experience, you gain new freedom, inspiration, and empowerment for your thinking, feeling, and acting in life.

You will be more at peace, and gain new freedom for your decisions and empowered actions in your life without stressing triggers or limiting stories in your relationships and different areas in your life.

Investment: 750€

Your Hero's Journey in Silver

In this special coaching, you’ll become aware of your inner power, and gain deliberate access to your resources and special strengths, and anchor your insights and energy in a tangible precious helper of pure silver.

While taking a look into the past, present, and future and in the creative process, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with your heart through your hands, leaving the head be.

You’ll experience a magical transformation as we work with pure silver and fire turning your inspiration into a unique and precious piece of jewelry anchoring your energy, strengths, and desires in it. 

Investment: 999€

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