Coaching Offers

Hero's Journey Coaching

During 3 months we work on the private or professional change and challenge that you want for yourself or that you have to face.
We will sort out multiple issues once and for all, untie inner knots, uncover your potential, understand and rebuild the puzzle of your life.

So that you can actively and with ease, joy, confidence, and pride realize your dreams and goals in more than one area of your life.

Your investment: 2448€ for 12 weeks.

Spot-on Emotion Coaching

We meet for 3 sessions on a specific topic in order to dissolve the associated challenges and stressful situations, hindering emotional blocks, limiting thought and action patterns, inner resistance, and wounds, so you can have your potential fully available to you.

You’ll learn to understand yourself better, so you are able to consciously draw on your resources and thus gain new freedom in your thinking, feeling, and doing.

Investment: 250€ for each session

Your Hero's Journey in Silver

In the one-day intensive coaching, you will create your own piece of jewelry with pure silver and fire as a valuable anchor for your power, values, and visions.

Following the stages of the classic hero’s journey, you will experience how you can consciously access your inner treasures and actively harness them so that you can once again be the hero of your life’s adventure.

Investment: 699€

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