spot-on emotion coaching

Spot-on Emotion Coaching

is highly personalized and the best to quickly help you get unstuckrelease emotional blocks, gain freedom and confidence in handling specific situations, activate your innate ressources and enable you to powerfullyand deliberately take the next steps.

Spot on – because it’s targeted and to the point.

Emotions – because it’s about our powerful “bodyguards” that – when dysfunctional – make our lives difficult with inappropriate strategies, block our thinking and hinder us when it could be so much easier.

Coaching – because it is hard to get out of hurts, fears, helplessness, anger, exuberant feelings of all kinds alone and to find the best strategy for joy, ease, relaxation, harmony, self-confidence and influence on our own.

  • So that you can move freely again, without hurting yourself over and over again at invisible obstacles and being blocked or hitting the same limits time and again.

  • So that you can finally dissolve the negative beliefs that you have long since worked on in your head, but which still diminish your strength from your unconscious.

  • So that you can finally do, implement and live the things that you really want, without being hindered by blockages related to your self-esteem, to your effectiveness, to your sense of belonging, to your sense of security and to your joy of life.

  • So that you can use emotions, your personality parts, your values in their empowering function for you, without slipping into justification, feelings of shame or even powerlessness. 

It’s about you. About your desires, dreams and questions. About regaining your emotional freedom.

Working with me gets you answers and insights for your next steps…

  • If you feel that so much more is possible than how you’re living right now, and you want to call it into your reality
  • If you want to take the right steps, if you feel the power inside of you rising up but you are still paralyzed and know you need help to break through
  • If you want to understand and accept yourself at a deeper level with compassion and love for everything you’re made of
  • If you want to be self-aware and you want your actions to come from a feeling of deep peace and not come from a need to compete with others,
  • If you’re ready to invest in yourself and want to start the journey to make your ‘impossible’ dreams and projects come true.

Topics to work on and feel free about again depend on your choice. They can regard money, jobs, business, transitions, relationships, memories, sabotages, values, self-image, self-worth, mindset, family, divorce, marriage, women, men, children, parents, gains, losses, visions and dreams, reality, illusions, spirituality, ideas, … (no politics though) with everything involved and all emotions included:

Love, fear, pride, disgust, joy, grief, guilt, shame, anger, interest, surprises, scorn, gratitude, wonder, peace…

3 steps to your emotion coaching:

1. Booking:

You can book directly through my online calendar your 1st appointment and if you want also immediately the 2nd appointment, which should be about 1-2 weeks later.
The 3rd appointment can then take place later if necessary.

1 appointment lasts 1.5 hours and the cost is 280€ including VAT.

For reasons of sustainability and effect I recommend at least 2 appointments.
If you book 2 appointments you’ll get 60€ off. Just enter the code “2BOOKINGS” when you book your second appointment and the total amount will be 500€ instead of 560€.

If you can’t find a suitable date, send me a message at and we will find a solution.

2. Questionnaire and coaching agreement:

After booking your session, you will receive a questionnaire from me by email to fill out before the appointment to describe your challenge and a coaching agreement, which you will please sign before the appointment.

3. The appointment itself:

We meet at the agreed date in my rooms in Mannheim-Seckenheim or online and start with your challenges and needs!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

What if your emotional blocks could be turned into stepping stones that help you reach the next level?

Whatever the question that’s causing you worry or doubt, excitement or frustration  …

  • You get the space to say everything and ask anything. To become aware of yourself and take yourself seriously on all levels while reconnecting to ease and flow. To find answers and overcome blocks. 

  • You receive help as you take the steps necessary for the progress you desire. Inside and out.

  • Together, we’ll release emotional blocks, undo ways of thinking and acting that are holding you back, and reactivate your emotional resources.

  • On the way to finding your truth you’ll receive questions instead of checklists, insights instead of information, awareness instead of hustle, slow instead of fast and real instead of nice.

My gift is to open the doors to people’s souls and helping them reconnect with themselves and create from their true source of power. 

As an emTrace® coach I help you to accurately identify and dissolve dysfunctional emotional blockages, old limiting beliefs, threshold barriers on your hero’s journey, hindering shadow sides and unconscious trigger points in order to achieve the targeted, fast and sustainable results you want without any detours.

We can work in my office in Mannheim-Seckenheim or online via Zoom.

Direct and targeted: Book your emotion coaching now!

what clients say

Imagine if there was someone who was able to work with you to get your emotions out of you and then, like loving but cranky relatives, sit them down at a table to work with you to find a solution for you? Sounds crazy, right? But Gisela does just that!!! It was an incredible journey, but in the end, that’s exactly what happened: my “Gritz”, anger and helplessness sat down together to find a solution with me, because one thing I understood thanks to Gisela: ALL my feelings want only the BEST for ME!


If I had to describe Gisela, I would say:

Gisela …

is affectionate, but firm
creates a pleasant and safe atmosphere
gets the emotions out of you and lets them talk to each other to find the best possible solution for me
does not let go, because she knows that it is good for me.
If I had to describe how I felt during the emotion coaching I would say:

With Gisela…

I felt held
I felt loved
I felt a deep gratitude at the end
I felt safe to turn my inner self to the outside.

Mandy Ekat, author of  “Letters from my best self” I Germany

1. Why did you seek a coach or what challenge did you face?

After working on my emotional development by myself for years, but especially more intensely during the pandemic, I realised that there were deeper levels that needed looking at, where I couldn’t get to by myself. Especially food, confidence and self-love were still a big issue. I chose to work with Gisela Backe because she made me feel confident in her work and safe to share deep thoughts and realisations.

2. What outcome did you hope for?

Honestly, I was sure something positive would come of my work with Gisela but I didn’t really know what to expect. I hoped to feel better than before, more whole, more fixed. I hoped, to at least find out more about what the underlying cause was for my issues/ symptoms.

3. What results did you achieve for yourself with my help? Is there a long term effect you could describe?

The actual session results were way more amazing than I could have ever imagined! In our very first session, Gisela helped me unravel and abolish 20+ years of disordered eating. Right away, after the call, emotional eating habits were a thing of the past. I remember the moment so clearly, when I realized that whole part of my brain had changed. Two hours with Gisela and my approach to food has changed fundamentally.

For weeks after our session, I waited for the magic to fade, for old patterns to return, for things to “go back to normal”, as they always did. But they didn’t! About 3 weeks after our session, I had one of those really rotten days that would have 100% triggered a massive binge over multiple days before. This time, food just wasn’t an option. I felt a bit lost, as food was my go to comforter for two decades and now, it didn’t even appeal anymore. Food had turned into nourishment, that’s all.

That’s when I knew it was safe to speak openly about my session with Gisela and the results, that I wouldn’t jinx the magic by being to excited about it. I cried a lot at first, happy tears of course.

I had two more sessions with Gisela since for other things. The issues were more subtle and so were the results but I can feel them deep inside me, making me feel more whole at my core.

4. What did you like best about our work together?

Feeling absolutely safe and at ease to just let go and say out loud the first thing that popped into my head during the sessions. Whenever Gisela would ask a question, part of my brain said ”This is silly/ weird/ nonsense”, but I knew, I trusted that Gisela new exactly what she was doing and that her questions had a lot of sense. I ignored my sceptical side and went with intuition. Giving a voice to the answers from deep inside was so eye opening and freeing. There was so much truth and wisdom deep inside that Gisela helped me uncover. All through the session I knew I was absolutely safe!

5. How did you feel during our work together?

Safe, curious, a little doubtful, happy and at peace. Being in the sessions with Gisela felt absolutely right, even when part of me was worried that her magic would not work for me (again). I let go and let Gisela guide me, carry me through the sessions and came out feeling peaceful, happy, warm inside to my core.

6. Would you recommend me to others and if so, who (in general) do you think would benefit most from working with me?

Yes absolutely! It has been 6 months since our first session and not only did my food issues never come back, but all the work I did with Gisela has contributed to a much, much deeper sense of self-love, self-worth and internal safety. I am enough, I am OK and I will be, no matter what!

Over the last 6 months I have been singing Gisela’s praise to everyone who will listen. I have recommended her work to friends and family and really hope they will work with Gisela too and experience her magic!

Gisela’s work is for everyone who is ready to acknowledge their underlying issues, past thoughts and experiences that are tripping them up in life now. It’s for everyone who wants to heal on a deeper level, who wants to FINALLY be done with stupid habits that mess up their lives. It’s for those who are ready to heal, who are ready to love themselves, who are ready to let go of their stories about themselves.

 7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I will definitely turn to Gisela again, if and when I feel something else needs to be uncovered, decluttered and let go. Gisela helps her clients live better lives and I want the best live possible for myself!

Tanja Hassel I I UK