“Change your perspective and you’ll change your world!” 

I’m connecting the worlds of inspiration, creativity, intuition and coaching
in online programs, 1:1 working sessions, group workshops and when giving speeches on stages.

In German and English.

As a pre-sequel to my online program “Become the star you already are” I recorded one of my inspirational sessions with fire and silver from the Facebook-live.

The Star Program: Stepping into the star version of you, thinking big, taking action, building your courage muscle, going places and creating opportunities even if you don’t feel ready.

Setting goals, act on intuition and in alignment with your soul, turn off all your bs excuses.

Working with failures as your ally, turning mistakes in blessings and using horseshit as gold.

Using your innate and soul energy to burn off everything that is not YOU.

Celebrating every step on the way and announce your winnings to the world.

Becoming the star you already are.

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happy clients say:

You are just the right woman to guide people through something like that, through such a process of transformation. Completely at peace, always with a very appreciative validation. If someone needs help then you are there, but you don’t do it for the people; you lead them, accompany them, encourage them. Everyone should do it their way, but you are at their side with words, with reassurement in a very appreciative and loving way.

Susanne Mark | Bad Sooden