spot-on emotion coaching

“Change your perspective and you’ll change your world!”

Working with me gets you answers and insights for your next steps…

  • If you feel that so much more is possible than how you’re living right now, and you want to call it into your reality
  • If you want to take the right steps, if you feel the power inside of you rising up but you are still paralyzed and know you need help to break through
  • If you want to understand and accept yourself at a deeper level with compassion and love for everything you’re made of
  • If you want to be self-aware and you want your actions to come from a feeling of deep peace and not come from a need to compete with others,
  • If you’re ready to invest in yourself and want to start the journey to make your ‘impossible’ dreams and projects come true.

Topics to work on and feel free about again depend on your choice. They can regard money, jobs, business, transitions, relationships, memories, sabotages, values, self-image, self-worth, mindset, family, divorce, marriage, women, men, children, parents, gains, losses, visions and dreams, reality, illusions, spirituality, ideas, … (no politics though) with everything involved and all emotions included:

Love, fear, pride, disgust, joy, grief, guilt, shame, anger, interest, surprises, scorn, gratitude, wonder, peace…

Spot-on Emotion Coaching

Spot-on sessions are highly personalized and the best to quickly help you get unstuckrelease emotional blocks, gain freedom and confidence in handling specific situations, activate your innate emotional ressources and enable you to take next steps.

We set up 2-3 sessions of up to 3 hours each at intervals of 1-2 weeks.
The 3rd session can be at a later point in time. For reasons of sustainability and impact, I advise you to book at least 2 sessions.

As a repeat client you might only need 1 session for a certain topic that you are struggling with, because you’ll be able to access your inner resources much quicker.

  • So you can go to “places” you’d never imagined as part of your world.
  • So you can connect with people you’ve been admiring from the distance for far too long.
  • So you can do the things you thought yourself to be too scared or not good enough for, yet which excite you the most.
  • So you do things because the’re right for you and not inorder to meet others’ expectations.

It’s about you. About your desires, dreams and questions. About regaining your emotional freedom.

What if your emotional blocks could be turned into stepping stones that help you reach the next level?

Whatever the question that’s causing you worry or doubt, excitement or frustration  …

  • You get the space to say everything and ask anything. To become aware of yourself and take yourself seriously on all levels while reconnecting to ease and flow. To find answers and overcome blocks. 
  • You receive help as you take the steps necessary for the progress you desire. Inside and out.
  • Together, we’ll release emotional blocks, undo ways of thinking and acting that are holding you back, and reactivate your emotional resources.
  • On the way to finding your truth you’ll receive questions instead of checklists, insights instead of information, awareness instead of hustle, slow instead of fast and real instead of nice.

My gift is to open the doors to people’s souls and helping them reconnect with themselves and create from their true source of power. 

As an emTrace® coach I work with the spot & release technique which helps us to identify and release dysfunctional emotional blocks very precisely, for achieving specific, quick and sustainable results without any detours.

The next step:

My clients invest their time, energy and full openness to growing in all areas of their life. And of course a certain amount of money, which depends on the length of our partnership, reflects their commitment and is agreed upon individually based to their needs and means.

If you consider working with me, the first step is a short, free call about your goals and the different ways we can work together, and to find out whether my coaching is right for you. 

If you want to work with me and we’re both convinced that I can help you reach your goals, we’ll set up our coaching agreement and agree on further details. 

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Book your free discovery call right here:

what clients say

Stell dir vor, es gibt jemanden, der in der Lage ist, gemeinsam mit dir deine Emotionen aus dir herauszuholen und sie dann, wie liebgewonnene, aber verschrobene Verwandte, an einen Tisch setzt, damit sie gemeinsam mit dir eine Lösung für dich finden? Klingt verrückt, oder? Aber Gisela macht genau das!!! Es war eine unglaubliche Reise, aber am Ende war es genau das, was passierte: mein Gritz, meine Wut und meine Hilflosigkeit setzten sich zusammen, um mit mir eine Lösung zu finden, denn eines habe ich Dank Gisela verstanden: ALLE meine Gefühle wollen nur das BESTE für MICH!


Wenn ich Gisela beschreiben sollte, würde ich sagen:

Gisela …

  • ist liebevoll, aber bestimmt
  • schafft eine angenehme und sichere Atmosphäre
  • holt die Emotionen aus einem raus und lässt sie miteinander ins Gespräch kommen, um die bestmögliche Lösung für mich zu finden
  • lässt nicht locker, weil sie weiß, dass es gut für mich ist

Wenn ich beschreiben soll, wie es mir beim Emotionscoaching ging würde ich sagen:

Bei Gisela…

  • fühlte ich mich gehalten
  • fühlte ich mich geliebt
  • empfand ich am Ende eine tiefe Dankbarkeit
  • fühlte ich mich sicher mein Inneres nach außen zu kehren

Mandy Ekat, Autorin von “Briefe für dein bestes Ich I Deutschland