Bespoke Jewelry design

art aims to represent not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance. 

Bespoke and meaningful jewelry serves as a precious reminder of the blessings and gains in your life
which might be not tangible themselves.
It reminds you of how far you’ve come or where you want to go, of celebrating your successes and your ability to overcome obstacles and reach the next level.

A unique treasure like a pendant or ring helps you to instantly connect to your true self, to your innate wisdom and strength as they carry the energy of your soul. You can switch into your best version like a queen who puts on her crown.

In your private and your business life. 

Masterpieces: the unique luxury reflecting your ideas, your energy, your soul

Your jewelry as your anchor and amplifier – that’s the purpose of the exclusive and bespoke jewelry design. 

As individual and unique as you. See some of the previous pieces for your inspiration:

In the creation process, the most important ingredients for your signature piece are your own unique ideas, visions, and intentions.

Therefore we develop your jewelry design together so it truly reflects your personal values, carries its own meaning and power, and supports your individuality and presence.
The result is always a bespoke treasure that is absolutely aligned with you, your soul and energy or with the person you care so much about and who will wear it. Unique. Precious. Handmade to its tiniest detail with heart, soul, and expertise. 

Logo Jewelry: the unique luxury reflecting the value you bring to the world

From 2D to 3D – examples of pure silver (and gold) unique logo pendants

You created your logo to show everything you want to express and achieve with your business and your work. Your vision and mission. 

There is so much of your energy in the logo and it needs to be alive, be experienced, serve as an anchor when you want to dig into your energy, your power, and as a precious reminder of your goals.

Your logo turned into a bespoke piece of jewelry that can in turn serve as identification, as an exclusive signature piece, an extraordinary eye-catcher to represent you and your business at public events, fairs, etc. in a significant way.

I translate your image, your logo design into pure silver in the size and way you like most. Unique like your business. Only one on the planet.

The next step:

Every single piece I create is custom-made from scratch and I’d love to create yours! If this sounds like what you’re seeking let’s have a call to talk about your unique luxury piece of jewelry. In the call, I’ll also share the investment level depending on the kind of jewelry you’d like to treat yourself with.

Book your free 30 minutes call here to talk about your wishes and ideas: 

Motto bracelets

Choose the motto live – love – laugh or dream – believe – achieve
and wear the powerful message as tangible and precious anchor
made from sterling silver or brass gold plated. 

Information and ordering at 

My customers say:

I’m thrilled to bits with my “star of wonder” pendant. “Star of wonder” is my word (or phrase) of the year 2020 and I wanted a piece of jewellery to symbolise that and all that I associate with it. I also wanted to reflect the Chinese year of the rat in some way. On a whim I sketched an idea and sent it to Gisela. She was immediately on board, and I began to realise that this was going to be a whole lot more than just commissioning a piece of jewellery. With her artistry, coaching skills, patience and sense of humour (not to mention great coffee!) she guided me through the process, helping me to think about what I wanted and also why I wanted it, then applying her artist’s magic to create something beautiful out of my sketches and ideas. I was a bit nervous going to pick it up but when I saw it, it felt completely right. It’s a great anchor and reminder: a symbol of all the things I want to keep at the forefront and a joy to wear. Thank you, Gisela, it was a pleasure working with you!

Jane Eggers

Die Arbeit von Gisela Backe kann ich in einem Satz zusammenfassen: “Alles sehr schön geworden!”
Die Qualität und Exklusivität des Schmuckstücks entspricht ganz meinen Ansprüchen und der persönliche Kundenservice rundet das Angebot perfekt ab. Von der telefonischen Beratung über die Auswahl der Entwürfe bis zur Umsetzung meiner konkreten Vorstellungen in ein außergewöhnliches Schmuckstück – kurzum: “Alles sehr schön geworden!”

Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert, CSP, CSPGlobal, Top-Keynote-Speaker und Bestsellerautor „Simplify your Life“ und „Simplify your Time” 

I am a real connoisseur of Life…. and I love to collect unique jewelry and art that express my inner thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way.

My future husband, Lothar Seiwert,  knows this about me, and wanted to buy me the ultimate Christmas present. So he went to Gisela Backe.
Lothar and I both are performing artists who spend a good deal of our time on the stage, and Lothar commissioned Gisela to make a customer silver tiger necklace for me to reflect the power that I bring to my audiences during my keynotes.
It is amazingly beautiful, powerful, and uniquely….. me.  Every time I wear it, I remember that my role in life is to inspire people around the world to find their own tiger power.  I am reminded of my unique power, and that Lothar loves me very much.

If you love jewelry and want to find a unique piece that reflects your inner message, your inner power and strength, then I recommend a visit with Gisela so she can capture the the beauty and power of YOU. She makes the entire process fun, meaningful and the results are something you will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you, Gisela!

Dr. Renée Moore

Schon bei der ersten Begegnung mit der Schmuckdesignerin Gisela Backe spürte ich, da ist jemand mit Leidenschaft und Tiefgang am Werk.
Individuell gestaltete Schmuck-Unikate als bleibende Erinnerung an besondere Momente oder Anlässe – was für eine schöne Idee !
Als ich dann noch die ersten Bilder sah, in denen Gisela Logos als Schmuckstücke umgesetzt hatte, war für mich sofort klar: Das will i
ch auch haben !
So verabredete ich gleich einen Termin mit ihr um mich näher über die Möglichkeiten zu informieren. Ich hatte zu diesem Zeitpunkt nur eine sehr, sehe vage Vorstellung im Kopf wie mein Logo als Schmuckaccessoire aussehen könnte. Gisela hatte sofort tolle Vorschläge bzgl. der Ausgestaltung für mich, die sie mir so detailreich und bildhaft beschrieb, dass ich fast das Gefühl hatte das zukünftige Schmuckstück schon vor mir zu sehen.
Deshalb musste ich auch nicht mehr lange überlegen. Ich verlies ihr Atelier mit dem guten Gefühl, dass sie bestimmt etwas einmaliges und wundervolles für mich gestalten wird.
Sie fertigte meinen Anhänger zunächst aus reinem Feinsilber. Er sah auch schon sehr schön aus, fühlte sich aber irgendwie noch nicht so ganz stimmig für mich an, was einfach daran lag, dass ich Goldschmuck bevorzuge. Gisela spürte sofort, dass ich noch nicht so 100%ig glücklich war und machte den Vorschlag den Anhänger teilweise zu vergolden, sodass dieser auch meinem Logo noch viel detailgetreuer entsprechen würde. Und genau das war es!
Jetzt wo ich das fertige Schmuckstück in Händen halte, kann ich nur sagen, sie hat meine Erwartungen nicht nur erfüllt, sondern sogar noch weit übertroffen. Persönlicher kann ein Schmuckstück nicht sein ! Vielen lieben Dank dafür !

Sabine Prats-Vélez
Inhaberin des ColorMundo Make-up & Beauty Ateliers in Ladenburg