Individual support for new solutions

What do you wish for?

What do you need an answer for?

Do you have chaos in your head or heart? I help you gain clarity, find your own truth, get new insights, connect to valuable memories, and follow your leading visions.

Let’s find out together what the best offer and right next step is for you. Book a discovery call to have a conversation.

For more clarity and understanding of your inner drivers, motivators, and obstacles and the effects they have on your thoughts, feelings, and actions,
book an individual motivational analysis (as a single unit). 

Inner Motive analysis (IMA©) and Life Sensor by Denkzeuge® with detailed evaluation

Do you want to understand why you react the way you do? Why some things are easy peasy for you, while others take a lot of effort – while other people do exactly the opposite and you wonder what is wrong with you?

Spoiler alert: there’s nothing wrong with you (and others) – you’ll understand why!

The Inner Motivation Analysis (IMA©) is a wonderful, quick, and targeted way for more clarity, a deeper understanding of your inner motivations, needs, strengths, and expectations of yourself and others, as well as an insight into possible solution strategies for your challenges.

After your booking, you will receive an online questionnaire and we will discuss the results together in a detailed 1:1 meeting lasting around 60-90 minutes.
The costs for the online access, questionnaire, and the 1:1 evaluation are €160 (incl. VAT).

Depending on what you wish for and need, we’ll determine the course of our work together individually.

Individual coaching for your wishes & goals

I will help you to uncover, understand, and consciously use your inner guidance, certainty, and resources so that you can (re)discover and walk your path liberated, relaxed, and full of energy. We dissolve stressful emotional barriers, remove the power of old obstructive beliefs, and transform inner resistance and external stumbling blocks into powerful helpers and stable steps. With that, you’ll be able to define and implement your wishes and goals in accordance with your rules and needs.

The coaching process and the number of sessions are based on your individual goals and actual needs. Experience has shown that it makes sense to have at least 3 sessions of 90-120 minutes each (250€ per session incl. VAT). We will discuss the individual options, process, and next steps in the free discovery call.

Professional and career coaching
(free of charge with AVGS)

In the coaching, which is specifically geared towards your professional questions, further development, and reorientation, I support you in finding the best solution for you and your (professional) path, building on your strengths, potential, and values. With a fresh look behind the scenes of your previous resume, at the experiences that are not on paper, and your needs, you will gain clarity, energy, strength, and empowerment for your (new) goals and the next steps.

With an AVGS (voucher for activation and placement services), you can take part in individual coaching free of charge for between 6-12 weeks (depending on the number of units approved) and redesign your professional future. It is possible to include the Inner Motivation Analysis (IMA©) as units.

If you are not yet sure which format and duration would best suit you and your topic, if would like to get to know me first or need more information about my way of working, background, and methods, please make an appointment for a free discovery call: Link Online Kalender

Coaching brings you answers, inspiration, and inner liberation for the next steps,

  • if you feel that so much more is possible for you than you have been living and you don’t know how to realize it.
  • When you feel like you want to start running, but you feel like you’re up against a wall and can’t get any further on your own.
  • When you feel like you keep taking the wrong turn even though you know better and want to get out of this constant loop.
  • If you want to understand yourself and are tired of (self-)doubt.
  • If you need guidance, clarity, and solutions for yourself and in your relationship with other people/work and values.

Here are some examples of (conflict) issues from private and professional life that we can work on in a targeted manner, release the pressure from them, and elevate them to a desirable level for you if there has been too much or too little of something so far:

Relationships, appreciation, work, career, changes, (performance) pressure, inner resistance, struggle, harmony, demands, doubts, (self-)sabotage, values, self-image, self-worth, money, freedom, gains, losses, goals, ideas, reality, security, … with everything related.

I support you in sorting” relationships, releasing blockages, and uncovering inner treasures for a reconciled past, a powerful present, and the fulfillment of your dreams from now on. So that you allow yourself to be, do, and have what you really want and to realize what you really desire with inner freedom and ease, with serenity, joy, and pride. With clarity about your needs and values. In accordance with who and how you are.
With the sparkling and wonderful feeling of loving your life and feeling the joy and determination for your adventure.