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I’m on a mission to make the impossible come true. 

I’m on a mission to ignite women to take on their real purpose, to fully reconnect with their soul, body and mind in unity and to courageously change the world for the better with their unique gifts.

I’m here to empower women to deliberately create their lives, to help them feel the fire and joy of life blazing in them so powerfully that their sheer existence makes the world a better place.

And I want to see this spark in your eyes again, which you had before the dust of “reality” blurred your sight to who you truly are.

is this you?

  • You are a positive, visionary and smart woman.
  • You’ve done so much! You’ve come so far! Not only in spite of your obstacles but also because of them.
  • You are successful in many ways: you built your life, your career, your business and you’ve reached a level others are in awe of.
  • You’ve overcome countless struggles, doubts and thresholds that would’ve paralyzed others but you marched on.
  • You took risks and you’re promised yourself never to settle for the status quo.
  • You’re constantly looking for ways to improve, get better and build your legacy.
  • You are a true inspiration and others look up to you.

but at the same time,

  • you’re tired of the vicious and exhausting circle of “higher, faster, further” and instead would rather go for the “deeper, slower and closer” approach in business and life for yourself and for others ?
  • you wish you could relax, lean back, create on your terms and follow your own rules instead of fulfilling the expectations and demands of others in your business as well as your private life?
  • you’re holding back your real dreams, your biggest visions and your true capacity  because you’re not sure they are “for real”?
  • you’re somehow hiding your true power and the real you, afraid to scare people away or to loose what you’ve built so far?

i really admire you!

You can and should be very proud of everything you have created in your life, endured and enjoyed, achieved and realized.

Yet, what has brought you here, is now keeping you from growing and evolving even further.

And that which you’ve carefully bottled up and labelled as the inadequate or weak part of your being, is actually that which could bring you closer to your purpose, increase your impact and help you achieve your most daring vision.

are you ready to meet your hidden genius? to see what i see?

I work with women in 1:1 Coachings, in creative sessions with silver and Fire and through self-coaching programs.

Currently my offers and programs are only listed in German. but if you feel like you want to talk to me, see what I got for you or if I can help you, please reach out to me!

you can do this via email: and we can schedule a call.

If you want to check out my offers in German, please go to:

what happy clients say

Dear Gisela,
on my return to Normandy a white, soft snow carpet was rolled out and apparently it was freezing cold. But I felt very warm, something continued to vibrate and  blaze inside of me.

Whenever I touch the small piece of jewelry […] the experience of the creation through fire recurs: an apricot-colored glow emits from me, coats me and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks a lot for this, for me so very special workshop on Sunday.
Giving a loving hug to you, Ute A. | Normandie, France