I work with silver & fire,

words and visions

to help people

to create their life
according to their rules & desires.

For more power, bliss and freedom. 

Individual coachings & Mentoring programs

Change your perspective and you'll change your world.

Create and live your inner freedom and change the impossible to fulfilled dreams. 

Transformation & Fire

Link back to your power and magic and make it accessible again to your at any time.  

Create with fire and silver and experience magic transformation.  

Exclusive Jewelry design

Determine the design for your powerful anchor and your exclusive treasure.

Wear the sign of your values and your uniqueness as symbol made from pure silver. 


I’m Gisela,
curious coach and passionate designer and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You can book a free 20 minutes consultation call here to get your jewelry or coaching questions answered or send me your message per email: mail@giselabacke.com.

what happy clients say

Dear Gisela,
on my return to Normandy a white, soft snow carpet was rolled out and apparently it was freezing cold. But I felt very warm, something continued to vibrate and  blaze inside of me.

Whenever I touch the small piece of jewelry […] the experience of the creation through fire recurs: an apricot-colored glow emits from me, coats me and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks a lot for this, for me so very special workshop on Sunday.
Giving a loving hug to you,

Ute A. | Normandie, France

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