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Spot on coaching & mentoring programs

I help you get unstuck, release emotional blocks and sabotages and see new choices and pathways to navigate through life.
Lets re-discover and tap your resources that will give you the inner freedom to create the life you desire. 

Workshops Transformation & Fire

I help you reconnect with your creativity, so you can feel and draw on the magic within you.

Experience a magical transformation as you work with pure silver and fire turning your inspiration into a precious piece of jewelry.   

Exclusive jewelry design

I help you determine the design of your piece that is both a powerful anchor and an exclusive treasure. I will then create it uniquely for you.

You get to wear the silver jewelry as a precious symbol of your values and your uniqueness.

I work with silver & fire, emotions, words and visions

to help people create their life freely and deliberately according to their rules & desires with power and joy, ease and flow.

For more grace, bliss and inner freedom.


I’m Gisela,
EmTrace® coach and passionate designer and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

For your coaching experience or jewelry question we can have a quick pre-chat. Send me an email or call to make an appointment.

I read all mails (except spam) and usually reply within 48 hours.

Email: mail@giselabacke.com

Phone: 0621-15954423

what clients say

Dear Gisela, on my return to Normandy a white, soft snow carpet was rolled out and apparently it was freezing cold. But I felt very warm, something continued to vibrate and  blaze inside of me. Whenever I touch the small piece of jewelry […] the experience of the creation through fire recurs: an apricot-colored glow emits from me, coats me and puts a smile on my face. Thanks a lot for this, for me so very special workshop on Sunday. Giving a loving hug to you,
Ute A. | Normandie, France

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