I’m Gisela,
EmTrace® coach and
passionate jewelry designer
and I’m looking forward
to hearing from you!

I work with silver & fire, emotions, words and visions

to help people create their life freely and deliberately according to their rules & desires with power and joy, ease and flow.

For more grace, bliss and inner freedom.

Spot-on Emotion Coaching

is highly personalized and the best to quickly help you get unstuck, release emotional blocks, gain freedom and confidence in handling specific situations, activate your innate emotional resources, and enable you to take the next steps.

We meet for 2-3 sessions on the topic you’d like to work on.

Destination: You! life Coaching

is a highly personalized 12-week life coaching program in which you’re guided to your better way and led to tapping into your own wisdom.
Long-term coaching is best for going deep, discovering hidden treasures, piecing together your life’s puzzle, regaining power and trust and creating the impossible in more than one area of your life.


is one-day intensive coaching & guidance for your life change and transformation including the practical and creative design of your silver symbol to anchor your values and visions.   

I help you reconnect with your creativity, to feel and draw on the magic within you when you work with pure silver and with fire.

Unique You Jewelry

is a creation service for bespoke and meaningful jewelry which serves as a precious reminder of the blessings and gains in your life which might be not tangible themselves.

This unique luxury shows you how far you’ve come, where you want to go, your successes, and your ability to overcome obstacles and reaching the next level.

For your questions about your coaching experience or luxurious jewelry design, let’s have a conversation.

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