Your Hero’s Journey

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If you want to find out more about how to dissolve your self-doubt and fears, if you want to increase your courage, strength, and inner abundance, if you want to change your life and answer the call of adventure, I can help you as your companion and mentor on your hero’s journey.

Here are some of the overall topics and stages you can depart from that are included in the individual coaching offer for you, the hero’s journey coaching:

1. Your vision and call to adventure

When you know you need to leave the ordinary world, and you have or want to answer the call of adventure, I help you to move from the blurred image of the scary unknown and non-definite possibilities to more clarity about what you want to and can be, do, and have in your life. And you will feel the spark of excitement, tingling hope, and the wish (and courage) to take the next steps.

2. Thresholds and helpers

During the process, you’ll get a widened perspective on the direct and implicit support and resources which are at your fingertips for realizing your vision. Where you once felt insecure, helpless, and powerless before you now get specific options, and strategies, and find allies for the steps you want to take. 
Together we’ll cross a number of thresholds, solve problems, and move forward.

3. The value of failures

We’ll work with failures and setbacks, and find specific angles and ways how you can use those throwbacks to your advantage when you move forward. You will turn the feeling of insufficiency and deficiency into the awareness of your own strength and capabilities even in the eye of seemingly unsolvable problems. You will become more and more aware of the treasures in all of your experiences. 

4. Insights and transformation

On your journey, you will meet and probably fight your inner demons and enemies until you understand their qualities and advantages. I’m at your side when you find new perspectives on your past, present, and future and change your world as you’ve known it before.

5. Returning home

Sometimes it can be difficult to integrate your learnings, the new ways to see the world and new behaviours into what was once familiar to you. I help you to navigate the transistion and also to work with the reactions of people who have to get used to “the new you”.  

6. Master of 2 worlds

Together we’ll take a closer look at what you’ve achieved and learned, and what you want to take away from your journey. We celebrate your transformation and find ways for you to anchor and amplify your achievement and success, so it benefits you and others.  

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