Are you not stepping into your power, because you THINK and tell yourself that you are too afraid?

While you are telling yourself that you are too afraid and that IT is holding you back, you summon your energy and attention, because you WANT to, you know you HAVE to
FIGHT it. Overcome it.

So you book one courage proving seminar after the other.
You fill out one strength, personality and mindset test after the other.

You desperately want to get to it’s roots, you need to learn the strategies on how to overcome this fear and to eradicate it once and for all!

Because IF and WHEN you will finally have overcome it, THEN you can do what you REALLY want, what you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.

And in midst all that soul searching – because of course you want to make sure that you are following your purpose, your destiny
– in midst all that going deep, fighting like a warrior against yourself – you forgot to ask ONE question:

Is this really MY fear?

What if this wasn’t yours at all?
What if you fought against something that was part of someone else’s mindset? Part of someone else’s life, past, conditioning?

What if you gave back that fear that isn’t yours? And has never been?

And what would you do after you give back that fear that’s not yours (but held you back big time)?

Would you go looking for another obstacle, because hey, everyone is fighting against their inner self-sabotaging enemy, so why would it be easy for you?

Why would YOU be any DIFFERENT?

Why would you DECIDE not to look for all the fears there could be and become an expert on how to overcome them, but instead go for your dream NOW and put your energy THERE?

What would this change for you?

It’s your life. It’s your design. You decide.

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