Your Hero’s Journey in Silver

The creative process to discover more about yourself
and to unlock more of your potential.
The unique jewelry to capture and show your spirit and energy.

believe in yourself. trust your fire.
discover the art of small steps and witness your power.
Find your joy and wear your strength in a unique piece of jewelry.

Let’s dissolve your self-doubt and fears and anchor your courage, strength, and inner abundance in a piece of tangible and beautiful evidence. Create consciously and make your treasure imperishably usable for you,
for everything you want to achieve for yourself.

With fire and silver.
With visions and concrete steps for their implementation for more energy, insights, and success while diving into the following topics: 

1. Your vision and YOU

During the first part of the workshop you move from this blurred image of non-definite possibilites to more clarity about what you want to have in your live – with the spark of excitement, tingling hope and the wish to finally get started.

2. roadblocks and helpers

You get a widened perspective on direct and indirect support which is at your fingertips for realizing your vision. Where you felt insecure, helpless and powerless before you will become clear on specific options and strategies you can implement for the steps you want to take.

3. the value of dust

We’ll work with failures and setbacks, with your attitude towards them and how you can use throwbacks for yourself. Coming from the feeling of insufficiency and deficiency you will develop an awareness of your own strength and capabilities even in the eye of seemingly unsolvable problems.

4. transformation through fire

In the most magical part of our work together you will experience what happens
– if you let go of anything you don’t need anymore, if you burn it.
– if you hang in there, stay on your game,   don’t stop and focus on your life in the here and now. And when loose ends, whishes and hopes become strengths and tangible results through your fire and your energy and your life’s treasures become visible.

5. phoenix from the ashes

In this part of the workshop it’s all about you removing again another layer to see what really counts. It’s about accepting and validating your inner shine, your conscious creation for yourself so that it becomes visible and usable on the outside.

6. completion

Together we’ll take a closer look what you’ve achieved, what you can take with you from this day. We celebrate your transformation and how you can wear your success with pride.
With this precious proof in your hands you’ll manage it time and again to put your longings into a specific design, to realize them and to overcome inner and outer thresholds.

There is this little grey lump of clay which turns into your piece of unique jewelry from pure silver. 
From your hands. Fired at 800°C.
Pure transformation of what seems to have no value into something worth more than its material value.

All while there is so much more to it. Because each and every step is about you.
How and what you think, feel and do. What you want for yourself and your future. 

You create a precious and everlasting anchor and secret treasure which will always remind you that you can cause change.
Because you’ve done so already. 

This 1-Day intensive workshop with silver and fire is right for you if you:

  • feel a deep longing for being free again, for that blazing excitement and sustaining flame of your very own power which is buried deep down in the mud of your self-doubt,
  • have enough of being stuck but you cannot free yourself from the straight jacket of your fears,
  • do feel your strength deep down but you cannot find the key on your own to finally set it free,
  • just need the permission to finally turn the key, to stand by yourself, your dreams, and your truth,
  • want to have tangible proof that you can create precious things and cause profound changes in your own life,
  • want to get a new perspective on the treasures of your gains and your pains to be able to effectively use them in your day-to-day affairs​.

What is included in the intensive workshop “Your Hero’s Journey in Silver”:

  • 1 day of 1:1 highly personalized and intensive coaching & guidance for your life change
  • coaching work in preparation and after the workshop (worksheets, journaling prompts, etc.)
  • the design of  your unique and meaningful silver symbol to anchor your values and visions
  • pure silver for your unique piece of jewelry, findings, or chains depending on the kind of your jewelry

  • catering according to your preferences with soft drinks, snacks, and lunch as well as dinner if desired

Your investment in the workshop with exclusive coaching & guidance for your design:

699€ including VAT.

Where the 1-day workshop will take place:

You’ll either come to my studio for Coaching & Design in Mannheim, Germany or we’ll meet based on our arrangement in your preferred location (with extra cost for travel and accommodation)

If in-person participation is not possible for any reason, the workshop can be switched into its online format (already successfully done 😉 )

When the workshop will take place:

We’ll find the perfect day and time according to your wish and my availability.

The next step:

Does it sound like made for you? A day just for you with fire & silver? To create your life, your design?
To receive more details on the process itself, the planning, location and time preference, and the material, and
to get all your questions answered let’s talk:

Send me a message or book your free 30 min (non-obligatory) preparation call right here:

    what clients say

    Dear Gisela, during your workshop I felt satisfaction, fulfillment and enthusiasm deep inside of me. I got very calm, certainly found my center and once again felt: When I fully engage in one thing, then I have something to give to the world too. Especially the process of firing was like a transformation – in it I clearly transformed something again  from the outside to the inside, and the whole thing then became visible in the form of the piece of jewelry. The second thing which I found quite impressive was: first you sit there and you think, “Boa, I can’t do that, but I’ll try.” And then afterwards the feeling after firing the piece of jewelry: “Wow, something amazing came out of it, I can really be proud!”
    Susanne Mark | Bad Sooden

    Dear Gisela, on my return to Normandy a white, soft snow carpet was rolled out and apparently it was freezing cold. But I felt very warm, something continued to vibrate and  blaze inside of me. Whenever I touch the small piece of jewelry […] the experience of the creation through fire recurs: an apricot-colored glow emits from me, coats me and puts a smile on my face. Thanks a lot for this, for me so very special workshop on Sunday. Giving a loving hug to you,

    Ute A. | Normandie, France