Dear Gisela,
during your workshop I felt satisfaction, fulfillment and enthusiasm deep inside of me. I got very calm, certainly found my center and once again felt: When I fully engage in one thing, then I have something to give to the world too. Especially the process of firing was like a transformation – in it I clearly transformed something again  from the outside to the inside, and the whole thing then became visible in the form of the piece of jewelry.

The second thing which I found quite impressive was: first you sit there and you think, “Boa, I can’t do that, but I’ll try.” And then afterwards the feeling after firing the piece of jewelry: “Wow, something amazing came out of it, I can really be proud!”

You are just the right woman to guide people through something like that, through such a process of transformation. Completely at peace, always with a very appreciative validation. If someone needs help then you are there, but you don’t do it for the people; you lead them, accompany them, encourage them. Everyone should do it their way, but you are at their side with words, with reassurement in a very appreciative and loving way.

Highly recommended! I can recommend your workshop warmly to anyone – may a LOT of  people have this wonderful experience with you!

Susanne Mark | Bad Sooden, Germany

Alchemy of a rainy Sunday.

Dear Gisela,
on my return to Normandy a white, soft snow carpet was rolled out and apparently it was freezing cold. But I felt very warm, something continued to vibrate and  blaze inside of me.

Whenever I touch the small piece of jewelry on the silver beaded chain around my neck, or the little star that dangles cheerfully and cheeky on my wrist, the experience of the creation through fire recurs: an apricot-colored glow emits from me, coats me and puts a smile on my face.

I’m guarding and enjoying this treasure already for several days now and I hope to be able to keep it for a long time. I’ll share the joyful energy of it here and there with someone, because that’s the guarantee that it’ll never lose its magic.

Thanks a lot to you and Silke for this, for me so very special workshop on Sunday.
Giving a loving hug to you,

Ute A. | Normandie, France