Why are we still hiding? Why are we still afraid to show up as the ones we truly are?

It is because we do not feel safe.
It is because we do not feel loved. Completely.
It is because we do not feel surrounded by love.

That’s why we are afraid to show how we really feel.
That’s why we are afraid to say what’s really on our minds.
That’s why we are afraid to show what’s really going on behind the scenes.
That’s why we are afraid to show that we are not as accomplished, successful, superior as we pretend to be.

When in reality we feel inferior, small and like an imposter.

Though –
you can only feel inferior if you’re not feeling loved just for being you.

Not by others. That’s not their job.
It’s yours.

If you love yourself completely without any doubt or prerequisites, no comparison is needed or will make you feel any less.
You’ll adore others for being who they are as you bask in your own love and admiration.

Nothing can harm you. No negative stingy comment, no disapproving look, no unsubscribing, no cancellation, no refusal.

You will take it as it is. A decision of the other person. A reflection of their inner and outer world.

You will take it to see where the other one is coming from and if you maybe want to improve some interaction in your worlds. But it will never hit you in your core.

You’ll be safe.

No need to attack either.

Cause that would be a defence to an anticipated attack which might not even be there.

To come to love yourself you might want to take the necessary steps. And obviously that’s getting to know yourself to see what’s there to love, right?!

If you need to first look to see what’s there to love that would imply that there are preconditions. That there are parts to love and parts that are not lovable.

Yet you are. Complete. Perfect. Loveable. In your essence and wholeness.

The only and most important thing you need to do?
Love yourself. In your wholeness. As you. BEING.

Then you can take closer looks at all the adorable parts of you.
At their history, the stories. And if you don’t like what you see? You transform them by FIRST loving them – yourself – unconditionally.
Your past.
Your body.
Your handwriting.
Your teeth.
Your laughter.
Your break ups.
Your spending.
Your hair.
Your grades.
Your decisions.

Forgiveness, acceptance, love.

Then there is NOTHING to prove.

There is NOTHING to hide.

Because ALL of this made you who you are.
Even if it doesn’t meet the “standards”, the expectations, the mainstream.

GOOD! Because YOU are love. And love is NOT supposed to hide.

You wouldn’t want to hide anymore anyway, right?!
Because you want people to love themselves for who they are as well!

So, you show them what an incredible life you lead with you as your own lover by your side.
It has nothing to do with the job you have, the money you earn, the car you drive, the house you live in, the partner you have, your social life you display. Nothing.

It has everything to do with you leading your life according to your desires.
Because you put yourself first.

Because you loving yourself and treating yourself with love has a ripple effect.
If you treat yourself with love, how would you treat others?
With love as well, right?!

Thought so.

So, when you show others leading your love life, you encourage them to lead theirs according to THEIR desires.
Cause who would stop them if everybody IS love?
They wouldn’t need to be afraid either.

No fighting needed.
No competition out of feeling inferior needed.

It’s winning together – not over someone else.
It’s improving together – not in comparison and competition to each other.
It’s not standing out to look better. But to be your BEST.

And to inspire others to do the same.

As I heard this sentence from Anita Moorjani going something like “fear is nothing in itself but it is the absence of love”, it became crystal clear to me:

There is nothing to be afraid of if there is love.
Nothing to be afraid of, if I AM LOVE.

And there is nothing to be afraid of if YOU ARE LOVE.

It’s your life.
It’s your design.


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