If you would follow that uplifting inspiration, that holy breath that leads to your personal and spiritual growth, would it get harder for you or more easy? Would it require from you to change your world, thoughts, actions? What would you need in order to pick up your “sword” follow this call relentlessly? 

Check in with yourself and see where the 3 words of this midweek check-in are taking us: 

 Like I do every week, I’ve pulled 3 cards – 3 words for our midweek check-in. As an impulse, inspiration and soul guidance for the week.

Every Wednesday live on Facebook and later on Youtube, to get to link the midweek check-in here too for you.

I’d love if you’d leave me a comment on anything that comes up for you, any additional thought that continues our conversation.

If you just want to skim through the words of the week, here they are. Which one should be your guide this week, #1, #2 or #3?

#1: flexibility
#2: ease and effortlessness

#3: inspiration

Check out the video to see how they all fit together.

Thank you for giving me your attention and time and for letting me speak to you.

Have fun and remember, 

it’s your life, it’s your design.


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