It is a different kind of energy.
It’s different: either if you want to DO something badly or if you want to BE something badly.

At first you think you want to DO something. And it’s about being the expression of you on the outside.

If you are, however, not allowed to do (or don’t allow yourself for what ever reason) what you want, you either restrain from it, believing that others are right and putting their interests higher than yours, or you push through with anger and fighting.

If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually come to a point where you can do what you want most of the time for your living and having the freedom of choice. That’s what most of us crave for.
But the most important step and where the magic really happens is, when you DO what you WANT and what you love is in alignment with who you ARE.

And then you might even realize that it wasn’t about the doing but about BEING after all!

Realizing that essentially everything is about WHO you ARE after all, can be tricky and often a VERY long and painful process.
Because on the outside it’s all about “well, what do you want to DO when you grow up”.

The better question should be “well, in which ways do you want to EXPRESS who you ARE?” and “what feels like an exciting choice to find out more about yourself?”.

Moreover, the question isn’t about WHO you are either, because the pure acceptance and certainty that you ARE is the answer in itself.
It’s not about being “something” or “someone”.
You ARE the perfect one, the chosen one, the queen, the one-of-a-kind all along.

Nevertheless, discovering all the details, the layers, the extravaganzas, of your being (which makes it easier to describe you on the outside) and what it’s inside of you is not an one-time job.
It’s ongoing.
It’s what we describe as finding out who we are.

It’s not an easy job either. Especially in a world, where we feel we need to hide our true self.

In this world, we rarely can DO what we really want in order to find out who we really ARE.
In this world, we get punished, if we are different from what is expected from us.
Because it’s challenging those, who won’t allow themselves to be and/ or do what they long for themselves. It’s reminding them of what they’ve lost (and not started looking for again).
In this world, we don’t allow ourselves to just BE, because all that it’s ever about is about doing.
In this world, we hide our true self, it so well, that it takes us years to find it again.

But you as the brave one, you start the search.

You get glimpses of you. You meet you. You recognize yourself in bits and pieces. You grasp your unquestionable presence.

And you say:

“Well, I know you.
I knew, you were in me all along.
I knew you, before I remembered that I know you!”

You know.

After that, you don’t question who you are and what you’ve come here to do anymore.

Because you know it.
You are guided from your inner knowing, that it is about BEING YOU. Nothing else.
You’re guided form your soul, your inner voice, your higher self – the authority you feel inside of you, your compass.

And you stop justifying, what you do to express that BEING. You stop explaining, apologizing, trying to put it into perspective hoping others might understand and approve.

You do it.
Because that’s who you are and because you want it.
No shrinking, no compromising, no being less of who you are because you don’t want to scare other or make them feel bad.

It starts shining through your pores.
And people wonder “What is it about her? I want that too!”.

Well, tell them to dig deep.
It’s there.
Ger her out.

The beast. The power. The angry one that you’ve put in her cage forever.

She will be blinded at first.
Like a lioness taking her first steps into the free open desert after years of captivation.

Will she run freely right away and own her space?

But with every time her paws oh so gently touch the sand, with every scorching breath of the hot air brushing her fur, she feels her power coming back to her rushing through her veins. And no one – NOT ONE – will be able to put her in a cage ever again.

She might play kitten from time to time again. When she’s not sure of herself, when she looses the connection, the alignment with her source, when she listens more to others than to her own knowing.

But when it’s there?

Oh boy!

The world has just held its breath, because it knows anything is possible now.

If more of us – like her – step into our power, no inhumane rules, no showing off, no fighting of who is better, of who get’s more… all that kind of crap wouldn’t exist anymore.

If you knew, that your real and free power comes from being you without needing layers, attachments, improvements, anything but your truth?

What would happen?

Well, the world would change in no time, because you wouldn’t take crap anymore that isn’t in alignment with your soul and of who you are. You would eliminate all the unnecessary things and actions covering up what really matters to you.

And who you are on the inside is always in love with other people on a soul level.

There is no hurting.
No fighting for a better position.
No ranking each other based on any symbols or outside validation.

You would acknowledge the greatness in the other and you would treat each other with utter respect.

But, oh the anger!!

The anger you feel inside!

The anger you feel inside is always the fury you feel towards yourself for not fully being and expressing who you really are.

Look at you! Look at the power you carry inside of you!

You can be in denial, outrage, self-loathing and self-hatred as long as you want.

Or you can forgive yourself for not stepping into your power before, even though you knew it all along on the deepest level.

You can choose to be at peace with every step of your journey.
You can choose to draw power, understanding and compassion from it.

You can honor your own journey and the evolving and the growing.
Your years of digging deep.
Your sidetracks and trials and errors.
Your failures and wins.


And in this journey, in finding YOU, in continuing to get to know you and in trusting your soul’s desires with every expression, you find what you came here to DO.

And you will see and honor those who are on their journey alongside with you and stepping into BEING fully and unapologetically themselves as well.

You will see it in their eyes and you will fuel each other even more.

From there, it’s just easy to change the world.

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