You walked on fire with your bare feet, you broke wooden planks with your bare hands, you took a massive leap of faith
and oh the excitement! The emotions, the exuberant joy and pride! You’ve felt it all and promised yourself to never forget.
To keep that strength and knowing forever. Use it. Live it. Forever from now on.

And then.

Day by day,
doubt by doubt,
your certainty, your knowing, your faith vanishes like a drop of water in the hot sand of dessert.

Now and then, in a conversation, through a song, a picture of something, a smell
you are reminded that you had it all.
That precious moment of certainty, strength and fierce power.

And you look at yourself wondering if those two were the same you.
You wonder where the strong one has gone and you sight at your thought “well, it must have been a fluke, as fake as I fear I am. It’s true.”


If you tell yourself that story.

Which of you is more real?
The fierce, powerful version with decisiveness being unapologetically herself?
Or the one shrinking at the thought she could actually live that power every day?

Which one do you allow to be real?
To take over, to determine your thoughts, feelings and actions?

If you’re the queen bestowing the scepter of your future to your successor, whom would you rather hand it to?

I know you’d say “OF COURSE THE STRONG ONE!”

but I don’t believe you. Because you didn’t.

Look who’s holding the scepter in her hands right now?
Ruling with doubt, fomo and lame excuses?

What if you would decide to hand it over to the powerful future version of you?
Do you hear the other version of you scream? Painting pictures in your head of what could go wrong if power took over.
It’s too dangerous-
its too uncertain.
She would beg you to stay on her side, where it’s safe, where it’s warm.

What would you do?

Who is to rule your world? To shape your future?

It’s your life. It’s your design. You decide.

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