I’m choosing the unicorn approach to reality.

I choose everything with love, the light of magic and the colors of a glittering rainbow.

You tell ME, I need to look reality in the eye and finally act like a NORMAL person to be successful?!
Well, I know that YOU know, that this is not true.

You know deep down, like I do, that all that can save us from going insane, from dying from the inside out, is breaking the rules of what is supposed to be right.

Do you really, REALLY think, that the way we do business, the way we earn money in offices, factories, behind counters and masks, is healthy? Good? Sane? Safe?
The way it’s supposed to work?


I ask you to open your eyes to the reality shaped by the “normal” way of living: To the rates of depression, cancer, burn outs, heart attacks, diabetes, suicides, abuses, divorces.. you name it.

Is this the reality you want to keep?
To sustain for me and you to be a part of?

Why are you snickering snidely at alternative ways of living, loving, schooling, parenting, working, doing business?

Because you fear and know at the same time that you’re missing out on something that could change your life for the better.

There is that word CHANGE.

You would’ve to change your opinion, your habits, your routines, your position, your way of thinking.
It would question your entire life. And you fear, if you’d start to recognize that there are other ways too, it would shatter your world into pieces.

what would it mean for you, if you could earn your money by “just” being yourself?
If you wouldn’t need to do things because someone has to do them, but because you cannot wait to start taking action?
If you wouldn’t do things because everyone else is telling you to do them and instead focus on what really matters?
If you would dismiss rules, strategies, job requirements and invent your own?

If you could be genuinely happy in the face of turmoil or media shaped reality?

Which reality do you choose?

That which you can change as you wish and put some glitter on or that you react to and is as black and white and with some shades of grey as you paint it?

Oh, “You cannot change your reality” you say.
Your wish is your command.

I’m taking the unicorn approach to reality.
I create my world in glittering colors and I see the magic rainbow whenever I want to.

Am I not mature, a respectable, serious person because of that?

Maybe in your world.

In mine, we create miracles before breakfast because we expect that everything is possible.

Guess who is having more fun?

In mine, the more you create from your source, your soul,
the more successful you are,
the more impact you have,
the more change you bring to the world,
the more love and joy you spread,
the more abundance flows back to you,
the more respected you are.

That’s how I create my reality.

Reality is not something that happens to me and that I have to adapt to.
Reality is something I create, impact and change.

The more of my own magic I bring to it, the more unicorns live in it.

Magic. You might call it happy coincidences or luck.
I call it life’s love kisses.

Welcome to my reality.

It’s your life. It’s your design.


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