What is wrong with you?

Thinking others know THE truth, have ALL the answers, are further ahead, higher above, more enlightened, already in their saint status?
Do you believe them, just because they put it out there with nice pictures, dulcet words and phrases, pointing at their ocean of experience, years of studying, thousands of clients (not to forget millions of dollars!!)?
Are you paralyzed by the “big names”, their presence and success stories (even though you only know the surface version of it)?

But then at the same time you feel a certain kind of unease when you read those “holy words” of others?
You get that itching like something is off?
Like something is just not right, something is just not true?

For you?

Why do you think, you have to accept and take over another self-claimed guru’s soft lightening glittering version of the same same you hear everywhere?

Do you TRUST yourself LESS? Do you REGARD yourself LESS?

To ask again – what is wrong with BEING YOU?

What if you wouldn’t compare yourself in a way of more and less, but in order to FEEL if this other person’s version of truth holds something valuable for you right in this moment?

What if you found and trust your OWN TRUTH first, before you check in with others? And even more, before you make their truth yours because you lack the confidence and trust in your own knowing?

What if you wrote down, sent out your own message before you check if this is in agreement with the common view? And not matter if it’s matching what other people say?

What if you sent it out only when it’s in alignment with YOUR soul’s knowing?

Only if you FEEL it’s right.
For you.
Even if you CANNOT EXPLAIN it.
Even if you cannot find arguments to justify it.
Even if you cannot be bothered to hold it back.

Because you just have to send it out. To ALWAYS say it?!

Without pretending.

Do you know where the truth of the “big names” is coming from anyway?
Do you know how it is intended?

Because sometimes those well drafted words are true on the surface, but they bring an energy of treason with them.

If truth is not used for the sole purpose of sharing truth itself, but instead for making yourself sound wise, interesting, smart, rich, better, more… trying to convince others that yours is the only one to follow to achieve all goals, desires and dreams – than that’s not truth. That’s a story. And not even a good one.

Telling your own truth should be intended to share it without claiming and believing to have all the answers, but with the purpose of inspiring others and helping them to find their own truth and new answers, when they reflect on yours.

This is when we speak and connect on a soul level, without any limits to what can, might and should be true. Because it is. All at the same time.

It’s your life. It’s your decision.

P.S.  Get in today!

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