Challenge! The word of this week.
How do you define challenge for yourself and what does it include for you?
Is it something you need in your life and don’t want to miss, that supports you in your growth and maybe even makes you feel alive – or is challenge just something you don’t need more of because everything is too much, too challenging already?

Where are you being challenged from and by whom? Coming out of which situation, mood, state of mind, out of which comfort zone?
What are you confronted with – when something challenges you – that you would not have chosen yourself? Is it something that comes from the outside or/ and do you also (like to) face challenges yourself?

How does a challenge differ from a problem for you and when does a challenge become a problem for you? How do you notice and how do you determine that it is a problem for you and that the quality of a challenge has changed in this respect?
A soccer game for instance is not a problem, but a challenge – a situation where competitive opponents challenge each other and certain performances, talents, skills and abilities are required. It could become a problem, however, if things happen that are out of line, like assault or emotional short-circuiting.

For this week, I invite you to observe for yourself as to what is challenging for you, for example, in relationships, in your free time, in your professional life…. What is it that challenges you? What makes it not “easy” but “challenging” and what circumstances, conditions and also your inner state are contributing to make it challenging?

What do you need to accept a challenge – in a supportive sense – so that you can grow and evolve?
What do you need to pass a challenge and be proud of the result or outcome?
What ways and opportunities do you use to support yourself in your growth and development that challenge you? Are you a friend of “challenges” to stick to a certain topic (health, money, relationships, order…) over a defined time and to achieve a certain result that does not “come naturally”? What do you do differently and why is it a challenge and not “normal” for you?
What do these types of challenges help you with or why are you not a fan of them?
What would be a topic where you would accept a challenge in order to grow beyond yourself and for which this kind of help would be good?
When and in relation to what topic is it too much for you to have to/want to change?
Would it be a challenge for you to take a break?

Look this week,
– what is a challenge for you,
– who is a challenge for you and how do you deal with it / that person.

If you succeed, then let challenge be something inspiring this week, which you meet with curiosity, anticipation and zest for action, maybe even with a sense of adventure with action and in flow.

However, should you be struggling with inner and outer challenges that paralyze you in your thinking and doing, such as blocking emotions and beliefs, and want to release them, I am happy to be there for you to help you dissolve them. So that you can freely decide in which way you want to act.

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