In today’s weekly impulse we talk about: competition.

How would you define “competition” yourself?
With whom are you in competition?

For what and for what? What are you “competing” for then?

In your professional life, in your private life?
Within your colleagues, in your relationship with clients, customers, competitors, suppliers, service providers, in the same professional group, in competition with other providers? In the fulfillment of your work assignments or the search for a new task.

Within your own family, your circle of friends,
within your peer group, with your gender mates, in the same age group..,
while shopping, cooking, walking, sports…

Which contests do you see yourself in?
Which competitions do you notice in everyday life, in the media, and on the street?
Which ones do you watch enthusiastically or turn away in disgust?

Who sets the standards according to which the respective competition takes place?
Are they known to all participants and spectators alike?
Are they fair?
What makes a competition fair for you, when does it become an “unfair” one?
Can the playing field ever be level for all contestants?

In our society, what are contests and competitions generally about, down to the smallest system in your opinion?
Apart from money, recognition, appreciation, love, supply and demand, market share, resources?

Are they about being better, faster, more efficient, more? Than what or who?
What is the goal of competing?

With the people (because you certainly won’t be competing with objects, will you?) you are competing with, what connects you to them? What makes you different from them?

What does it mean to you if you win a competition? What if you lose it?
Does it mean anything about you as a person? About your value? About your basic rights, your dignity, your kindness? If you get the job or not, if you win the Oscar or not, if you beat the competition or not?

What attitude do you have when you see yourself in competition, depending on the nature of the competition?
When do you feel anxiety, fear, and pressure? About what? What results are you hoping to achieve by winning?

When do you feel lightness, flow, “being winged”? What is the goal then and how do you relate to the people who are competing with you? How do you feel about yourself?

When is competition the right way for you to achieve a goal?
When is competition not necessary and yet brings further development?

Without competition, would we be lazier, less creative, less innovative, less smart, less secure, less loved, less recognized, less praised, less respected, poorer, uglier, and worse off?

I’m excited to see what you (re)discover for yourself through these questions, or what you get validation for. Of course, I’m happy to hear what you’ve noticed!

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