The topic of family – “hot potato” or safe haven?

I believe that there are only a few topics that can move and influence us so deeply and be so emotionally charged as the topic of the family. It has social, political, cultural, economic, religious implications and, of course, individually the greatest impact on our development and our lives.

I have addressed a few options for your inner positioning in relation to family in the video (German video see below). In addition, I would like to share with you a few more questions and food for thought for the week:

When you look at your family, i.e. the people who are related to you by blood and/or emotionally “deserve” the designation “family” for you, what do you notice? Is there a difference for you?

Can you look at (your) family without judgement? How would you describe your family if you were not emotionally involved?

What do you consider a family has to fulfill? What needs, expectations, values?

Would you choose your family or the members of your family as friends?

Which characteristics does this person or the family have in general / what not?

What beliefs, rituals, life motto, etc. have you adopted from your family because you agree with them? Are there certain aspects of your upbringing that you did not want to take over and therefore you became a “generation game changer”? Which were the consequences for you and your family, for the ancestors as well as for the descendants?

In relation to what do you feel trapped and forced into a family corset?

What is being made possible by your family that would otherwise be unthinkable? And vice versa, what do you think would be possible without (your) family? What do you base your assessment on?

Is family a sensitive topic for you, in terms of planning, fulfillment or even farewells?

I am aware that family or the people of the family structure can be a source of great sorrow and also of great joy.

In this week I would like to invite you to take a helicopter view on what you are grateful for in relation to (your) family. At the same time also on what you are especially proud of, regarding (your family), when you feel safe and relaxed (in spite of or because of your family) and who you can bring joy to and how – and what happens when you do so 😊

I would love to hear your comment.

And as said in the video, “it’s never too late for a happy childhood”, let me know if I can support you in that way.

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