“Influence” is our topic of the week of January 10th 2022:

How do you feel about the influence you have – in everyday life, at work and in your private life?

Which influence do you feel exposed to that you can’t escape?

Which influences do you feel only “later” that you were so unaware of?

Sometimes we get into situations in which we feel at the mercy of others, helpless, almost powerless. Then we wish for more influence, power, adjusting “screws” we can turn, so that we can take the reins in our own hands, can move people to do what and how we wish. So that we experience ourselves as active and not (only) reactive creators of our lives.

Even if we do not always have an influence on what happens around us, be it in the microcosm or macrocosm of our experience, we always have an influence on how we deal with it. Whether we give in to the “there’s nothing I can do” or adopt a “let’s see how I can make the best of it” attitude.

This switch is not always easy and automatic, but requires a good portion of self-awareness, awareness of how and what we are currently thinking (ourselves), in which patterns we move mentally, emotionally and in our actions. For this we have the best and always available tool at our disposal: our breath. The connection between the consciousness/awareness and the unconscious.

Multiple consciously taken long breaths – up to 6x slow inhales and slow exhales, has an immediate effect (influence!) on our thinking ability, on our heart variability and on our gut brain.And with this, we in turn gain influence (power) on our (re)action to the influences from the environment, which we cannot always escape.

We are often not even aware of the fact that we also have an enormous influence on the people, situations,… around us and that we can actively influence them (I am not talking about manipulation). A friendly greeting instead of grumbling in the morning, curiosity instead of presumption, serenity instead of rigidity….. You certainly know a thousand examples of how and where you have influence. It starts with your inner alignment from reaction to action and creation and taking responsibility for your thinking, feeling and acting.

If you notice that you know what you should be doing, but you keep behaving in a way that you don’t want and that doesn’t suit you, let’s talk. Beliefs and (attachment) patterns that have a disruptive, if not destructive, character and influence can be dissolved and re-sorted.

If you notice that you want to take more control in your life again, determine your rules and have more influence, let’s talk.

That’s what I’m here for as a coach. 


Should you notice in your reflection that you need support to solve a topic, let’s talk. Book your free 30-minute appointment here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16839135&appointmentType=10688972

With love,

It’s your life, it’s your design.

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