My first live of the year, with the word of the week and an introduction and outlook for the coming 52 weeks 🙂

From my online coaching space with some new ideas:

The “word of the week” reloaded, as your companion through the year with prompts, food for thought and questions. In the sense of the Delphi Oracle “Know thyself” as a weekly invitation for guided reflection and attention for you.
With every word or topic we touch upon you can ask yourself:

  • What do I think in relation to…?
  • What do I feel in relation to…?
  • What do I do in relation to… ?
  • What do I WANT to think, feel and do in relation to… [the word of the week]?

And we start the year with JUSTICE!

One of my most important values that influences how I think, feel and act. For the week of January 3rd, I invite you to “play” with the concept, the value of justice.

Here are a few questions specifically for this week’s topic, feel free to choose the ones that draw your attention, that challenge you, that might help you understand yourself even better:

  • In relation to what is justice important to you?
  • What does it mean to you to be treated with justice – and to treat others justly or to act justly?
  • What do you feel when your sense of justice has been violated?
  • Where do you feel justice or injustice in your body? What is then a given or kept from you?
  • What is your standard for justice or how do you measure whether justice is done or not?
  • What does justice mean to you in the sense of doing justice to yourself and/or others? (How) Is justice given when you live up to the expectations of others?
  • Does pleasing (trying to do it right for) yourself and/or others mean justice?
  • How is justice different from fairness and objectivity for you? Is there a difference in your opinion?
  • Under which circumstances and how do you realize that your sense of justice depends on and is shaped by your personality and identity?
  • Under which circumstances and how do you notice that your sense of justice is influenced by social, cultural and political circumstances?
  • In what ways do you notice that your sense of justice differs from that of other people?
  • If you knew what made you feel good about justice, what would you do?

Those are the journal prompts for the week of January 3rd. Be sure to join me again when I reveal the word for the new week on Jan. 10th at 12 p.m. CET (in German).


When you hear – or read – the word and take it as an impulse, thought, suggestion for yourself and your new week, what comes to your mind spontaneously?

How does your attitude to yourself change, to people in direct relationships or further afield and in what you encounter?
Usually I present the word of the week live on Facebook on Mondays and later upload it to Youtube to be able to link the impulses here. If there are live comments that “pop up” during the draw on Facebook I read them out loud #.

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With love,

It’s your life, it’s your design.

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