How much reliability do you need from whom and from what?

In which context?

How is it in the professional environment with colleagues, superiors, customers, suppliers, etc.?
Is there a difference to the private life with friends, family, acquaintances…?
What about the reliability of things, devices, processes, deliveries, times…?

When do you feel that your need for reliability is well fulfilled or not fulfilled and therefore hurt?
What do you need in terms of security, reliability of things, and people?

Which degree of reliability do you need for your need of security, which extent becomes limiting for you?
From yourself, from other people?

Are there situations or areas in which your reliability, the expectation, and the demand to be reliable become a burden?

Do you hold on to promises out of fear of not being reliable, even though you go beyond your limits or the current situation has nothing to do with the initial situation?

I hear it again and again from my clients who stayed too long in a toxic (professional) situation and became ill because they did not want to disappoint anyone. Despite the bullying, despite a massive injury to their self-esteem, they have persevered because one of their highest values is reliability.

Because they define themselves as reliable, they signed this as a requirement for their job, because this is who they are.

At what point does the promise that you can be relied upon become a danger to you, to your mental, emotional, and physical health?

How much reliability do you demand from yourself and others?

How much tolerance do you have towards yourself, other people, and also things that are NOT reliable and that do not meet your standards of reliability?

Where do you feel it in your body when your need for reliability is not fulfilled?

What consequences do you draw? How quickly?

Are these consequences the same for everyone or do you make differences, e.g. with the one friend who is “just like that”? Do you then rely on her/his unreliability? Who gets through with this and why? Who does not? Why not?

What do you need reliability for? What becomes possible for you when you experience the right degree of reliability and you can live it?

How do you perceive yourself then? What does this mean for your self-image?
What becomes possible beyond that?

I am curious about your experiences!

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