Food for thought, this week also with the advice to take very good care of yourself and to pay attention to yourself.

And with the word of the week: “Variety”.

Do you have too much variety? Too many things/ people/ situations/ tasks/… varying?
Does this apply to all areas of life? To professional and private life, to leisure time, to health, to relationships, to colleagues, etc.?
When does variation (of what) become too much for you? And how does that affect you?

What would you like to have instead?

What degree of variety would be perfect for you and how would this ideally look within you, in your everyday life?

When does variety become a resource for good energy for you, when do you feel invigorated by variation –
when does variety become a limitation or energy-draining for you?

If you want more variety, in which area should there be more variance, more variants, more diversity?
What would you gain from having more variety? What would be ideal for you in the distribution?

What would you like to stay the same, what, and who should (not) alternate both inside and outside?

Feel free to share your comments with me!
I look forward to a varied exchange 😊

German video on the topic of variety (Abwechslung):

It’s your life, it’s your design.

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