The willingness to help –

from you to others, from others to you.

What influences your willingness to help and how does the willingness of others to help influence you and your feelings?

The topic can be looked at from different perspectives and in addition to the suggestions from the (German) video below, I would like to give you a few nudges and invite you to pay special attention to “helpfulness” and your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions in this regard this week.

If we start with your willingness to help,

  • in which situations are you immediately eager to help and why?
    Is it because of the people, the circumstances, the subject, the fact that you are willing to help, that it corresponds to your nature?
  • How quickly do you change from your willingness to implementation, i.e. to applied help?
  • When does your willingness to help become a burden?
  • When is it a source of energy for you?
  • In which situations do you not signal your willingness to help and for what reasons?
  • Are there special circumstances in which you do not dare to offer your help?
  • When is your willingness to help an automatic reaction?
  • What were the reasons you regretted your willingness to help (and the help itself)?
  • What was the most surprising outcome of your willingness to help?
  • What event/result are you particularly proud of because you contributed to something special with your helpfulness?

If we consider the helpfulness of other people towards you,

  • When is it easy for you to accept help? What must be a given then?
  • Is it in the situation, in the person, in the need, in the nature and extent of the help?
  • Under what circumstances is an offer of help unacceptable to you? For what reasons would you not accept help and negate or reject a person’s willingness to help you? What are the reasons for this?
  • When and from whom is willingness to help you a matter of course, when and from whom something special?
  • Which offer of help did you accept last, which one did you reject, which one did you not dare to “demand” and for which reasons?

Finally, in general,

What past experiences have you had, both positive and negative, with regard to helpfulness, and what conclusions have you drawn from them for yourself?

How does this learning experience influence your willingness to help today? Is it still true for you?

What would you like to do differently this week?

What would you like to keep exactly the same?

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